Broker Suite: FastPath Broker

What Radius provides for the Axis Investor Suite, FastPath Broker provides for the Nexa FastPath product. The FastPath Broker Solution provides brokers and brokerage firms the ability to place, cancel and modify orders, review firm and broker activities, assign commission schedules, manage easy-to-borrow inventories, configure routing rules, and much more. When brokers require direct market access, FastPath Broker seamlessly combines order management, commission management and compliance features with direct access trading.

FastPath Broker is fully integrated with the Nexa Market Access Suite of advanced trading platforms. FastPath Broker can be private labeled for individual client use and utilizes the Nexa FastPath market access product to provide consistent access to virtually all trading destinations.

Benefits of FastPath Broker

Real-Time Trade Execution Oversight

FastPath Broker provides real-time access to the status of orders placed on the market allowing the broker to see and interact with the order from the time it is placed until it is filled or cancelled.

Order Routing Management

Not all market destinations offer the same execution features. FastPath Broker gives brokers the ability to configure order routing logic to take advantage of the right destination for any given customer or security.

Broker Administrative Suite

Accounts, routes, destinations and commissions are all functions that require day to day administration by brokers. Nexa understands this and offers the right administrative set of tools to help streamline a broker's daily management.


Order Management

Brokers have hundreds of customers placing thousands of orders each day. Nexa's Order Management feature gives the broker full visibility into all their customer trading activity. FastPath Broker gives brokers the ability to query order status, review individual order executions as they arrive and interact with the orders to modify, cancel or bulk cancel.

Routing Configuration

Nexa offers 100+ market destinations, many with unique trading features ranging from standard market orders to complex algorithms. Brokers have the flexibility to configure any set of routes and trading rules for any of their customers on any of the market destinations Nexa offers.

Commissions Management

Managing trade commissions is easy with FastPath Broker. Nexa will work with you to setup all the commission tiers that you need for your clients and then help you apply a tier to each account. Nexa offers separate tiers for equities, options and futures with a separate set of tiers for each currency.

Trade History Reports

Brokers often need to query historical trade records for compliance or customer services reasons. Through the Trade History Reports feature, reports can be easily downloaded or exported to Excel for off-line consumption.

Direct Market Access Monitoring

Using the FIX Session Management feature, broker administration is made easy allowing for additions and deletions of FIX Sessions and Drop Copy sessions in real-time.