Broker Suite: Radius

At Nexa we understand the rigorous demands placed on brokerage firms. Your ability to provide superior client support while effectively managing risk can be a daunting challenge. Using the Radius Broker Solution, brokers and brokerage firms can open new accounts, place and modify orders, review firm and broker activities, assign commission schedules, manage account level market data entitlements and permissions, oversee easy-to-borrow inventories, send messages to clients, allocate trades to client accounts and much more. When brokers require direct market access, Radius seamlessly combines account management, risk management and compliance features with direct access trading.
When integrated with the power of an order management system in Radius Pro, it allows brokers to offer exceptional service at every step in the trading process.

Radius is fully integrated with the Nexa Investor Suite of advanced trading platforms. Like all Nexa brokerage products, it can be private labeled for individual client use, is usable in more than eight different languages and utilizes the Nexa FastPath market access product to provide consistent access to virtually all trading destinations.

Benefits of Radius

Real-Time Broker Review

Circumstances often dictate that brokers keep close tabs on certain trading behavior. Real-time Broker Review allows the broker to supervise risky trading activity in real-time giving them the flexibility to easily deny or allow individual or groups of trades.

Advanced Risk Management

Multi layered supervisory controls are built directly into Radius allowing clearing firms to manage multiple broker dealers while also allowing the individual broker dealers to manage their clients by individual, by branch, office or rep code.

Middle Office Suite

Fully integrated features such as Allocations, Commissions, Inventory Accounts, Client account management and much more are combined to make radius a powerful and comprehensive middle office management tool.


Standalone Broker Tool - Radius

Radius may be used by itself as a broker middle office solution, or as an integral part of the Nexa Investor Suite that performs broker administration functions over Axis for active trading, Meridian for web based trading and the Nexa FastPath gateway providing access to virtually any trading destination.

Integrated with Axis - Radius Pro

Radius Pro features the complete back office application with market data and direct access trading in one application.

For brokers who require direct market access and real-time market data, Radius Pro seamlessly combines the account management, risk, and compliance features of Radius with the trading power of the Axis direct market access terminal. Radius Pro offers brokers the best of both worlds.

Client Account Management

Seamless account management is critical to any brokerage firm. Radius has been designed to offer brokers a powerful tool in managing their client accounts. Radius allows brokers to view individual accounts or groups of accounts along with all of their holdings and account details. Radius also offers firm wide management options such as Risk Lists, Margin Overrides, Allocation Tools, Inventory Account Management, Order Routing and much more.

Inventory Accounts

Inventory accounts allow brokers a great deal of flexibility and are natively supported in Radius along with the allocation and client management tools necessary to administer them. Radius offers brokers flexibility to manage their brokerage accounts in their own way with all of the tools and reports required to keep the business moving.

Commissions Management

Managing client commissions is easy with Radius. Nexa will work with you to setup all the commission tiers that you need for your clients and then help you apply a tier to each account. Nexa offers separate tiers for equities, options and futures and a separate set of tiers for each currency.

Trade Allocations

Trade allocations are natively supported in Radius. As a broker you can trade in an inventory account and then allocate shares to individual client accounts when it is convenient. Nexa offers a variety of allocation methods via the easy to use Allocations Module.

Multi-Layered Risk Management

Multi Layered supervisory controls are built directly into Radius allowing clearing firms to manage multiple broker dealers while also allowing the individual broker dealers to manage their clients by individual, branch, office or rep code.

Real-Time Broker Review

Radius gives brokers the freedom to allow clients to manage their own trades while also enforcing strict risk controls including a comprehensive and real-time Broker Review features.