Market Access Suite: FastPath

The Nexa FastPath FIX gateway is at the core of all of Nexa's products providing them with a low latency network directly connected to nearly every market destination. FastPath also allows our clients the opportunity to directly connect and provide the same level of power to their clients. Through a single connection you are able to offer your clients direct market access to nearly every destination while bypassing the myriad complexities associated with maintaining all the individual connections. This allows you to focus on your business and not the constantly changing specifications and requirements of each destination.

Nexa has well over a decade of experience offering market access to both our internal products and our clients. The Nexa FastPath gateway, like all of our backend infrastructure, is built on a solid foundation of highly available and redundant network, systems and server hardware with redundant network connectivity in a state of the art colocation facility.

Benefits of FastPath

Management Simplicity

Utilizing the Nexa FastPath gateway provides clients the ability to focus on their core business while leaving market access and the associated complexities to us. Trade with confidence and let Nexa take care of the technology, maintenance and monitoring.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Maintaining connectivity to multiple order routing destinations directly is costly and time consuming while requiring expensive hardware, dedicated circuits, and a dedicated technical support staff. Each market destination maintains and supports its own proprietary interface and has its own connectivity requirements, each of which is updated at non-standardized intervals. Utilizing Nexa's FastPath gateway as a market access mechanism reduces connectivity requirements to a single access point with Nexa's standardized interface.

Reduced Time To Market

Utilizing the Nexa FastPath Gateway as a market access tool cuts time to market significantly by reducing and simplifying the complexities of direct market access. Utilizing one standardized interface for all U.S. and Canadian market access is significantly easier and more cost effective than trying to interface with each of the market destinations individually.


Direct Access to Markets

FastPath offers direct FIX access to most major destinations today, and with the flexibility of the Nexa FIX gateway, Nexa is able to quickly support virtually any other FIX capable destination on the planet.

One Connection, Limitless Possibilities

When your firm establishes connectivity to Nexa via FastPath, you will immediately gain access to a wealth of execution venues. The Nexa FIX specification is clear and follows all industry standards meaning that with one simple FIX connection to us, your firm can trade anywhere, instantly.

Complex / True Multi-Leg Options Support

While many firms "fake" complex options support, Nexa supports true complex and multi-leg options orders. This allows you to have the entire order go directly to markets that support them avoiding situations that can result from splitting up the order into multiple individual legs. Nexa supports many complex options strategies including the most commonly used Bull and Bear Spreads, Buy-Writes, Rollouts, Butterflies, Strangles and Straddles.

Smart Routing Technologies

Nexa offers access to Smart Order Routes in both the U.S. and Canada. These optional routes offer exclusive savings to many clients and regulatory protection in Canada for Best Execution. Smart Order Routing means that you can focus on your business and know that your order flow is going to the right place automatically.

Pre-Trade Risk Capable

FastPath supports a basic set of Pre-Trade Risk controls that are available to all clients. Compliance and regulatory obligations can be a huge burden to a trading engine and Nexa has spent over a decade building these features into FastPath so that our clients know that they are protected.

Multiple Clearing Firms Supported

Nexa is an independent technology trading company with no ownership relationship with any broker dealer or clearing firm. This allows us to offer you many options in this space. Nexa currently supports a number of clearing brokers and we are expanding our list of relationships on a regular basis. Additionally our clearing engine allows us to rapidly connect to the broker of your choice or we can provide you with a wealth of information about our current relationships to help you choose the one that best fits your situation.

Redundant, High Availability and High Throughput

In the world of high end trading systems, words like stability, performance and availability are thrown around a lot. Nexa backs them up with a design featuring completely redundant internal and external networks, network hardware and systems in a fully meshed topology; all housed in a state of the art financial data center with averaged annual availability between 99.99% and 99.999%. All this in our primary data center in addition to a brand new disaster recovery facility. You can count on Nexa to always be there when you need us.