Market Access Suite Proximity Hosting

In an industry where speed matters, Proximity Hosting with Nexa provides same-facility access to the Nexa FastPath FIX Gateway and TickStream Channel market data infrastructure. Our Proximity Hosting service is located with BT Radianz in Nutley NJ and provides clients with a highly secure, state-of-the-art facility for housing your business-critical servers and applications.

Nexa Technologies has partnered with multiple vendors such as Interactive Data/7Tick and BT Radianz utilizing ultra-low latency, carrier-grade networks to facilitate even the most latency sensitive connectivity to client sites, service providers, or execution venues.

Our Proximity Hosting solution can be a managed or unmanaged service providing rack space, power and cabling within the hosting facility, conforming to the highest industry standards for HVAC, power and site security.

Benefits of Proximity Hosting

Virtual Proximity

Market participants seeking virtual proximity to worldwide execution venues can co-locate servers and applications with Nexa while maintaining their business in a different geographical location. Keep your business local and your servers with Nexa for the best of both worlds.

Low Latency Access

Proximity hosting is perfect for firms lacking the IT infrastructure to compete effectively in the market and proprietary, black box traders located outside major financial centers. Take advantage of the Nexa infrastructure with low latency access to execution venues.

World-class Hosting

Nexa Proximity Hosting combines fast and reliable connectivity with world-class hosting so that you can focus on your trading strategies. Take advantage of our experience with unparalleled financial services IT staff that is dedicated to supporting mission-critical financial applications.


World Class Facility

Located in Nutley, New Jersey

  • 57,000 square feet of hosting space
  • 24 inch raised floor rated at 200 pounds per square foot
  • 10 foot ceilings, with 30 inches of plenum

Electrical Supply

  • 4 x 3MW Detroit Diesel Generators with expansion available to 5 with 15MW of emergency power
  • Dual 26kV feeds fed from different substations
  • N+1 configuration representing 9000kW usable with 3000kW of backup at all times (fuel storage of 10, 000 gallons that will keep the power going for 72 hours)
  • N+1 UPS system installed representing 1200kVA in a parallel - redundant A/B configuration
  • Feed A and B from different PDUs diversely routed to footprints with options for 120v, 208v, and phase distribution available

State of the Art Security

  • 24/7, 365 on site security staff
  • All facility alarms are sent to a centralized Building Management System and monitored 24/7, 365
  • Card key access control with code in addition to iris scan to all raised floors
  • Video monitoring and recording

Diverse Connectivity

  • Two diverse telecommunications rooms and twelve separate concrete enclosed fiber access conduits
  • Separated dual resilient entry points to the building with diverse telecom risers to the raised floor
  • Carriers include: AT&T, Verizon Business, Verizon, Lightpath, Broadwing, BT, Abovenet, RCN, Level3, Hudson Fiber, Sidera, Lighttower, Reliance Globalcom

Controlled Environment

  • Smoke: VESDA and smoke detection system installed providing early warning to the Building Management System (BMS) and 3rd party fire alarm monitoring in addition to building security
  • Fire: pre-action pressurized dry pipe water system. Double detector lock required to activate water flow
  • Water: spill pans with BMS connected leak detection under all CRAC units
  • Temperature: maintained open space at 74 degrees with controlled airflow to cold isles