Market Data Suite: TickStream Channel

The Nexa Technologies TickStream market data feed and content solution is a flexible full service low latency solution that is built on a reliable and resilient foundation and provides high quality managed services including hosting (Co-Loc) services through a single point of contact.

Nexa infrastructure is housed in world class data center facilities and all aspects of the ticker plant and exchange connections are fully redundant and cross-connected with Nexa's data recovery (DR) site in Texas. TickStream's ticker plant receives raw data directly from the exchanges and ECNs, immediately aggregates it into a Normalized ASCII or Binary stream, and rebroadcasts it to clients via a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) multicast. The system is a "buy-alternative" to the complex and costly effort of building and maintaining low-latency direct exchange connections.

By hosting their trading models securely in our data center, in close proximity to our ticker plant and FIX gateway, clients can achieve speeds within milliseconds of a direct connection from an aggregated data and connectivity solution. TickStream data can be provided as a standalone data feed via an API and can be customized to receive only those feeds that your firm requires.

Benefits of TickStream Channel

Cloud Delivery

Cloud delivery helps you reduce your overall IT costs in many ways. Nexa offers our TickStream Channel product via the cloud utilizing on-demand API's and streaming formats to supply a high quality, low cost alternative for your market data needs. Through Nexa's internal use for our platforms and other clients that use the TickStream Channel product, Nexa is able to utilize economies of scale that allow you to have low-latency, high quality data for your products or trading algorithms.

Real-time Signal Processing

Having access to real-time raw market data through our stream channels gives our clients unparalleled advantages without the burden of managing a full ticker plant. Our clients can utilize TickStream Channel to subscribe to any set of market data feeds and consume that data into their unique UI presentation layer or feed it into their trading algorithms for signal proccessing and trade triggers.

Aggregated & Normalized Market Data

Nexa offers TickStream Channel in a number of formats to suit your specific needs. It can be delivered in both ASCII or Binary format using query/response, publish/subscribe or UDP streaming. Nexa can provide you the quality data you want in the format you need.


Comprehensive Market Data

TickStream Channel offers access to a comprehensive set of market data sources all over North America. Select only the feeds you need and avoid all of the hassle and cost of maintaining a direct link to each market data provider.

Vendor, Technology Neutral

The Nexa TickStream Channel service normalizes market data from countless sources making it easily consumable by whatever technology you care to use.

Proximity Sensitive

Nexa has been in the market data business for over a decade and understands the need for end-to-end low latency data. Nexa designed the ticker plant services within a fully managed and industry leading data center close to the major financial market centers.

Scalable & Redundant

TickStream Channel operates on fully redundant network and server hardware in a state of the art financial data center. It was designed and built from the beginning to scale as the market data volumes expand. You will always recieve the same high quality solution even as volumes increase.