Professional Market Data Management and Consulting Services

Market Data is a critical part of many businesses yet it often represents an ever changing sea of regulations, audits, technology upgrades, protocol changes and other unique challenges. Nexa has over a decade of experience in providing live market data to end users, internal systems, third party vendors and prop traders. In this time we have amassed a wealth of understanding and knowledge with regard to best practices, regulatory navigation and auditing systems.

Leveraging that industry experience with a talented team of consultants, Nexa provides a dedicated team of experienced market data professionals who will offer an unique and valuable service to your business. Tap into our broad internal experience encompassing most aspects of the U.S. and Canadian markets along with an extensive network of contacts to other highly experienced outside market data individuals around the globe.

We are proud to offer a wealth of knowledge unparalleled in this industry. The Global Data Services ("GDS") division provides individuals, brokerages and independent companies the tools they need to integrate and manage market data solutions within an organization. Nexa provides on-site or remote support as required and the services of the group cover all the steps of the market data cycle.

Benefits of Professional Market Data Management and Consulting Services

Subject Matter Expertise

The Global Data Services ("GDS") team will act as Subject Matter Experts for your company providing all the tools needed to integrate and manage market data solutions. Nexa provides on-site or remote support as required and the services of the group cover all the steps of the market data cycle.

Cost Reduction Recommendations

Market Data costs can represent a tremendous burden on any company. Accurately assessing your market data requirements and properly sourcing the best provider of that data can significantly impact the associated costs. Let the GDS team help your company get the right data at the best price.

Avoid Compliance Penalties

Market Data compliance can often be a daunting and ever changing task for a company. Nexa and the GDS team have over a decade of experience working with compliance departments, regulators and auditors giving us clear insight into the process and how best to remain complaint and avoid penalties.


Market Data EOM VOR Reporting Services

Nexa GDS has developed clear and concise reporting procedures for accurate and timely reporting to virtually all North American exchanges for equities, options and futures. You can use the procedures to report yourself or Nexa GDS can do the monthly reporting on your behalf. This includes EOM reporting on sites such as TCBData, NORA (Nasdaq), NYSE Market Data Online and CME Group Connect. We have outstanding long-term relationships with the exchanges so we can also support timely additions of newly requested services. Furthermore, Nexa can assist with developing processes that can be used to utilize Multiple Instance Single User (MISU) services for NYSE, AMEX and OPRA.

Cost Reduction in current Market Data Spend

It is estimated that financial institutions worldwide spend over $30 billion a year on data usage and this is increasing each year. Firms that don't manage current spend closely can be significantly reducing their bottom line. Nexa GDS can analyze and help control and reduce these costs in several ways:
- Develop reports with clear understandable insight into market data usage
- Identify avoidable or replaceable costs for year after year savings
- Target and eliminate unused or duplicate services
- Develop self-certification checklists for internal employees and customers
- Provide Total Cost of Ownership "TCO" reports

Assistance with Sourcing & Contract Negotiations

When negotiating contracts it is imperative that organizations have proper levels of information and knowledge to leverage buying power in order to get favorable pricing, terms and conditions. Nexa GDS has the extensive knowledge to assist with contract negotiations in most areas of market data.

Internal Audits

In the rapidly growing and complex world of market data, company budgets continue to grow and exchange regulations continue to evolve. Unfortunately, in many cases market data is understaffed leading to a lack of adequate oversight. In order to assure that your company is best utilizing its resources, the Nexa GDS will complete a full review of your market data services and inventory system and provide detailed recommendations including cost savings guidelines, compliance concerns and software/product enhancements. Additionally, Nexa GDS can provide custom self-certification checkup procedures and documentation for internal use.

Exchange Audits

Don't wait until you get that dreaded call from the exchange and then wonder if your systems and usage information is correct. Nexa GDS can help you both pre and post audit. Pre-audit we can perform a full analysis of your market data usage to minimize potential audit liability that includes reviewing contracts, data display compliance, subscriber sign-up processes, user certifications (Pro vs NonPro) and more. Post-audit we can provide arbitration expertise on how to best address audit findings with the exchange. Additionally, Nexa GDS can perform annual NYSE quote meter audits.

Support with Invoice Processing

For firms that wish to outsource market data expenses, Nexa GDS can reconcile and process invoices at month-end.

Application Compliance Analysis

Nexa GDS has extensive knowledge in exchange reporting requirements and we will meet with your business to validate that your systems utilizing real time data, both display and non-display applications, are in compliance with all applicable exchange policies for which your firm has been approved. We will provide findings and recommendations as well as clear reporting policies and "hot button" issues from the exchanges so that your firm can avoid costly penalties.

Market Data Staff Training

All managers want to minimize manual procedures and optimize the time and effort their staff spends on inefficient administration functions. Our market data analysts will develop custom procedures that can be automated to free up valuable time and staff resources. We will take time to understand your business and develop functional processes taking into consideration best industry practices and present them to your staff.