Trade Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

The Nexa Trade Intelligence division is an innovative and industry leading consulting group who will help you to analyze your own client data to recognize patterns and opportunities so that you can capitalize on future growth potential.

This innovative service offers specialized insight into your business by analyzing all available data and using it to locate previously unseen opportunities.

Benefits of Trade Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Subject Matter Expertise

Nexa has been analyzing financial data for over a decade and in that time we have come to understand specific patterns and nuances that can be of great benefit to our clients. Our Trade Analytics industry experts will work with you to help get the most out of your data.

Find Revenue Opportunities

Sometimes revenue opportunities are obvious, but often they are more difficult to see. Let the Nexa Trade Analytics and Business Intelligence team show you the patterns and opportunities in your own data that could lead to more revenue and a better bottom line.

Know your Customer

Customer Analytics offers the ability to rank and profile customers by critical dimensions, such as revenue, lifetime customer value and profitability. Your business users can develop key metrics to alert them to changing customer and/or market patterns. Being aware of these patterns increases your organization's responsiveness and agility and can enable you to tailor services and/or product offerings to specific target markets/customers.


Trade Intelligence Consulting

A deep and comprehensive understanding of your clients and how they use your products and services right now is the key to growth in the future. Nexa understands this and proudly offers a dedicated Trade Intelligence team who can help your business understand where they are today and how to get where they want to be tomorrow. Our team of industry professionals has extensive experience in the Trade Intelligence field with a collective experience covering broad aspects of Data Management, Cleansing, Profiling and Reporting. The team is led by our Chief Scientist backed by over 35 years of data modeling and who holds over 30 US patents and 10 additional foreign patents in pattern discovery.

Customer Insight

Understanding the needs and desire of a client is critical, and by using transactional information about a client, it is possible to foster a deeper, more predictable and profitable relationship. This insight into the customer relationship is the key objective of Customer Intelligence. By combining Business Intelligence (BI) platforms and technologies with Customer Intelligence (CI) practices and processes we can help to target new customers on the basis of matching key attributes of the best existing clients.

Additionally, analysis of customer trading patterns, such as frequency, order types, and securities preferences can help you manage customer risk and better offer more suited trading functions to that customer base.

Data Warehousing

Nexa handles tremendous amounts of transactional, financial and historical market data. Our team has a wealth of experience in data aggregation, normalization, optimization, and modeling. Our Data Warehousing services includes managing data, building extracts, query optimization for further consumption by custom reports, dashboards and trade analytics engines.

Customized Business Reports

Provided the raw financial and transactional data, our analytics team can provide customized services and reports including: Benchmarking, Analysis, Performance Tracking and Trend Identification.